Band Members

Malakai Lawton
"I started playing guitar at 12, self taught, and I started doing musical theatre at age 5. Theatre is what really taught me how to sing. I joined my first band at 14. I took many music classes at Cabrillo College which really helped me as a musician. I am also grateful to be teaching guitar and music for the past few years as well."
Alex Bahler
Lead Guitar
"I first started playing the guitar about 7 years ago in high school out of inspiration and a strong passion for music. I always was curious how the great feeling of listening to music contrasted with creating it. I was raised in a household where my step dad and brother were always playing guitars around me, so naturally I was lured to it. I would pick up an old acoustic guitar lying around the house and teach myself over the course of many years. Later on, I studied Music/Jazz at Cabrillo College and received an Associates Degree in Music."
Ryan Jensen
"I began playing music in 6th grade but it was purely memorization. Sheet music was the only tool I had to express myself musically. I played guitar on and off through high school but not until later on would I fully commit to music in a new way with my discovery of the Grateful Dead. With help from Alex Bahler, who at the time was taking music theory classes, I slowly began to understand the basics and gradually began improvising on the fretboard with the major scale. At this point I was really only practicing with Alex, normally catching a sunset on west cliff and bringing our acoustics guitars. It would be a few years until Alex introduced me to Malakai, who then invited me to play with him and Alex in Love Creek."
Robert Borella
"I have been playing professionally since I was 15 years old. A founding member of Those Fusion Guys (The Fusion Cats) for 25 years. I have played in numerous local bands including A Different Drummer and Zayante Station. I played in 3 productions of "Rocky Horror" with Arindam and have embraced the Roland VDrum system."
Arindam Das
"I attended CalArts as a music performance major, receiving a full audition-based scholarship. I served as Director/Music Director for countless Musical Theatre productions in Santa Cruz for over 25 years and now play in a couple bands full-time. I am a multi-instrumentalist who began on piano at age 4, and am grateful to be playing keys for Love Creek since its inception."

Remembering our Drummer John Burton

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